Just fucking write

Lorist is a writing app that gets out of your way. Get cosy, find your focus, and write. If you need more; organise your writing into collections, set up goals, set writing timers, and much more

Focus mode

Find your focus

Great writing sessions rarely happen when we're distracted. With a collapsable interface, focus mode, and typewriter mode, Lorist gives you as pure a writing experience as possible.

Choose your mode

Adapt to your environment at the flip of a switch. Lorist's dark and light modes were designed from scratch to provide the best writing canvas, whatever the situation.

Focus mode
Focus mode
Focus mode

Achieve your goals

Set writing goals for any of your collections and configure Pomodoro-style, write/break timers to split longer writing sessions up into manageable chunks.

And tonnes moreā€¦

Stay in sync

Lorist is a web app, and all your writing is synced automatically. Shake that CMD + S habit and pick up where you left off directly from your browser.

Publish instantly

Sharing your writing on the web should be the simplest of tasks. Publish directly from Lorist and you'll get a link to a public version of your post that you can share with anyone.

Play nice with others

Link up your Medium or Ghost accounts and you'll be able to export posts directly from Lorist to either platform.